Sound Bath Healing

This is a beautiful ancient modality, the process of manipulating sound for healing can be traced all the way back to the Greek philosopher Pythagoras, who utilized sound as a form of medicine to treat a variety of aliments.

The sound frequencies from the sound bath instrumentation work to clear energetic blocks within the body, enabling the body to heal trauma and illness.  The sound frequencies also slow down your brainwaves, shifting you from a more active state (beta) to a more relaxed dreamlike state (alpha), facilitating a deeper state of consciousness and an unplugging from the hyperactivity experienced in our daily lives, allowing one to reconnect with themselves and gain perspective of whats going on with them.

Sound therapy is effective in achieving relaxation, moving through blockages in the body, treating stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders and pain to list a few.

Our body, mind, and spirit hold the energetic imprints of all of our experiences, and sound vibrations have a way of shaking things up, they can induce a sense of bliss one moment and then a feeling of unease the next. If these feelings arise it's happening because the environment is promoting a release. So BREATHE through it so you can release it rather than getting submerged in it.

Lay down, close your eyes, relax, and allow the sounds of the crystal singing bowls to take you away...

Sound Bath Healing Fees:

30 minute ... $55

45 minute .... $80

60 minute .... $90

*all fees include HST


"When you begin to understand that everything is frequency, then life becomes a symphony."