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Deep Tissue Massage

Are you looking for a massage that doesn't leave you wondering what you just paid all that money for? Looking for a massage that is legit deep tissue work, that is also thorough, informative and effective?

Then you are in the right place!

I may look small but I wield a strong and heavy hand. My effective and balanced deep tissue work has kept my schedule full and clients returning. Using a combination of what is called advanced massage techniques including the use of elbows, forearms, fists, and strong fingers I will find your muscle knots, even the ones you didn't know you have, and will make significant improvements to your current condition. I also strive to educate each client of the anatomy and mechanics of their current issue, and how they can make healthy adjustments to their daily activities to improve their condition from this point forward. I will also prescribe home-care to maximize the clients healing outcomes, one of the biggest component of successful healing is what the client does off the massage table, it is very important to have a collaboration between Therapist and client for effective healing and lasting results.

Prepare to experience some discomfort during this massage, that will lead to later relief. I use my massage techniques as refined art tools, balancing strategically my pressure to effectively treat the target muscles with the needed depth, yet without bruising. I don't personally believe in causing bruising during a massage. Bruising is tissue damage that the body then has to spend its energy on to heal, which is essentially taking energy away from the bodies effectiveness in healing the target muscle issue you came in with. It's a fine art between depth and intuitively knowing when enough is enough. You won't be disappointed.

Deep Tissue Massage Fees


30 min. $85 plus HST


60 min. $130 plus HST


90 min. $195 plus HST



30 and 90 min. options must be booked with me directly as my online calendar defaults to 60 min. time slots.




For more massage styles and options available head to the Registered Massage Therapy tab for a list and links.

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