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Somatic Breathwork

Somatic Breathwork is a powerful tool that can assist with accessing our subconscious minds, slowing down the thinking mind allowing one to access pockets of energy, pain, wounds, and trauma.

The body contracts under overwhelming stress and often does not get a chance to process the trauma (big or small). That trauma and wounding gets stuffed down, ignored by pushing on as if nothing happened. This trauma and wounding from the stressful situation becomes lodged in our cellular tissue where it festers under the surface,  and tends to surface in undesirable ways which may included acting out, anger, sadness, withdrawing, depression, anxiety, insomnia, physical pain, and the longer the trauma remains buried it often manifest externally as various forms of physical illness.

Somatic Breathwork stimulates a sympathetic nervous system stress response in the body allowing one to access these incomplete trauma responses in a controlled and safe environment that is supportive and nurturing. Somatic Breathwork gently guides one into an altered state of consciousness where one can peel back the mental and emotional blocks, allowing for awareness and healing of those internal wounded parts and incomplete processes.

Somatic Breathwork can reduce and regulate stress, improve stress tolerance, enhance the body-mind connection, increase concentration and willpower, improve metabolic function, boost immune function, revitalize energy levels, and induce renewed inspiration.

The experience can be quite profound, moving, emotional, energizing, physical and spiritual.




Somatic Breathwork Session Fees

60 min. $100+hst

 90 min. $150+hst


Group Somatic Breathwork

$45+hst per person

See upcoming events page for scheduled dates.


~Book online here~


Note: Online calendar defaults to 60 min. time slot, please message me directly for 90 min. bookings.

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