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Energy Work

"Everything is Energy..."   Albert Einstein

Physical Body work such as massage is important in our highly demanding physical world, but we have severely underestimated the value and importance of Energetic healing work and its powerful role in our over all well being.
Our Energetic Body is where our true power resides, and our physical bodies are simply tools employed by our energetic bodies. So when we focus on healing only our physical body it's kind of like putting the cart before the horse so to speak. If our Energetics are out of balance then so too will our physical body be out of balance. Harmonizing our inner Energies will as a by product also bring easy and harmony into the tissues and structures of our physical bodies.


My Reiki & Energy Work sessions are a great tool for clearing out negative, unhealthy energy, and for repairing and re-harmonizing your energetic body. Bringing clarity and peace of mind, and renewed easy and comfort to the body. Clearing out blockages and stagnancy in ones energetic bodies chakra system, and activating and reopening each chakras healthy flow and access to source life-force energy.

My Reiki sessions include a small segment of sound therapy with my crystal singing bowls at the end of the session to assist in the clients energy integration.

While I am doing my energy work on a client I will often receive messages of guidance for each client which I relay to the client at the end of the session.

Session Fees:

60 min $100+hst

90 min $150+hst

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