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Registered Massage Therapy

I offer an array of massages and combinations, but lets start with the standard massage that is recognized across the board, which is Swedish style massage, along with a mixture of advanced therapeutic massage techniques to increase effectiveness. This is the traditional massage that is standardized here in Ontario by the CMTO (College of Massage Therapist of Ontario). This style of massage is therapeutic in nature, ranging from deep tissue to relaxation as per clients needs and requests. This massage style is very successful in pain management and relief, increasing muscle suppleness and flexibility, improving postural alignment, improving immune function, improving circulation, decreasing stress responses in the body, speeding up tissue repair and aiding in the healing of a vast array of ailments. This massage is performed with the client on a massage table, undressed and covered by massage linens, the therapist uncovers only the area of the clients body that is being massaged at any given time and applies massage oil to the clients skin for glide and ease of tissue work.

My Massage offerings are divided into 2 categories defined by how much depth/pressure the client needs and wants from my massage techniques. Category 1. is titled 'Regular Massage' which can range from relaxation to Moderate Pressure. This massage is what is available from most massage therapist, although I do tend to have a heavy hand so I do encourage clients to please keep an open channel of communication letting me know if the pressure gets too deep.

Category 2. is titled 'Deep Tissue'. In this massage I apply significantly more pressure, and it is often painful in trouble areas. This category is for clients with excessive shortening, tightness, and density of their muscle tissue, who will need a more intense approach to successfully effect the muscle tissue to bring it back to health.

Both categories are equally as beneficial, your choice between the 2 will be determined by what you need and want. Please see the specific tabs for each category to read more in-depth information to help you gauge what would be best for you.

"Healing is an art. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes love."


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