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Reiki Massage

In this gentle, nurturing and soothing treatment I combine both Reiki and Relaxation Massage. This is truly a very beautiful, peaceful way of bringing calmness and energetic alignment into the body, and of easing stress and tension in the body and mind.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese style of energy healing, channeling life force energy from the universe into the Therapist/Reiki Practitioner. This Life Force Energy flows down into the Therapists crown chakra flowing into and infusing the heart chakra, flowing down the arms and out through the palms of the hands of the Therapist into the clients body. The clients body absorbs this life force energy allowing it to flow where ever it is most needed in the clients body for energetic healing. The client must be open to receiving this energetic healing. Any resistance can block the high vibrational frequency of the Life Force Energy from being absorb into the clients body. Resistance is also energy creating a force field around ones self and blocking integration.

Everything in the universe is energy vibration, that includes us and everything on the planet. Our personal energy vibration is effected by what we are surrounded by, what we engage in, what we think about and feed our mind with, and what we ingest. In our current culture the knowledge of energy is often dismissed, misused, abused, and terribly polluted. However as we expand in our human consciousness we are seeking to understand our inherent energetic composition as well as our energetic surroundings and how to bring these undeniable elements of the Earth into healthy alignment within our personal and professional lives.

Both Massage and Reiki can aid the body in healing itself into a more healthy energetic alignment. As a combination these two modalities become a very powerful healing duo.

This Treatment is preformed on an massage table with client covered by massage linens just as with a regular massage. When choosing the 60 min. option treatment will begin with 30 minutes of full body relaxation massage followed by 30 minute of Reiki while client is in supine position on the table. When choosing the 90 min. option treatment will begin with 60 minute full body relaxation massage, followed by 30 min of full body Reiki in supine position.



60 min. $100 plus HST


90 min. $150 plus HST







90 min. options must be booked with me directly as my online calendar defaults to 60 min. time slots.


For more massage styles and options available head to the Registered Massage Therapy tab for a list and links.

"In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous"


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