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My Role As A Sacred Medicine Woman

As a Sacred Medicine Woman I have acquired the knowledge and skill of multiple healing modalities that I holistically use to bring forth a safe container of support, compassion, nurture, and wisdom to assist my clients in their own personal healing journey's, to garner greater self-awareness, guidance, knowledge, understanding, and self-empowerment. I am a guide who offers tools to my clients in which they can access these deeper realms on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. I compassionately hold space and guide my clients toward reclaiming their personal power and confidence in healing themselves. I am a clear channel for which these healing energies can move into and through me to land and expand within my clients.

I hold this safe space and offer this guidance within each of the healing modalities that I provide. The client is empowered to choose which solo or combination of healing modalities are right for them to help them heal and get to where they want to be on their path to harmonized health, balanced well-being, self reclamation and personal sovereignty.

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