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Tarot Readings

Tarot is an esoteric divination tool that brings beautiful imagery to the delivery of guidance and messages ready to come through from your higher-self and or your spiritual guides. I am a medium that is able to access the connection with Spirit, your higher-self, and your spiritual guides to bring you messages answering questions you may have about your path, whether that be about your healing path, your relationships, your career etc. I can help connect you, receive those message for you through the use of tarot and oracle cards, as well as my intuitive resources.

This can be a stand alone service, or I can combine a reading with any of the other healing modalities that I offer if you would like a fuller healing experience.

Stand alone Tarot Reading Fees:

60 min. - $95 +hst

90 min. - $120 +hst

Example Combination treatment:

45 min. Tarot Reading with 15 min. Sound Healing = 60 min .- $95 +hst


60 min. Tarot Reading with 30 min. Sound Healing = 90 min. - $120 +hst


60 min. Womb Healing with a 30 min. Tarot Reading = 90 min. - $120 +hst


30 min. Reiki with 30 min. Tarot Reading

 = 60 min. - $95 +hst

Choose your combination.

Please message me to arrange the details of what can be customized for you, @, or text message @ 905-376-6744

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