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Group Somatic Breathwork Event

Somatic Breath Work Journey ~ Take a deeper dive within your hidden parts to access pockets of stuck energy, visions, wounds, repressed memory, trauma. Open yourself up to releasing fears, processing through incomplete trauma cycles, receiving wisdom and healing from your higher self and inner knowing. Find renewed energy, clarity, release, surrender, gratitude, inspiration, and self acceptance.

Rediscover your innate Body, Mind, Spirit connection through profound somatic breathing techniques.

Process incomplete stress and trauma responses, improve tolerance to stress, increase concentration and willpower, boost immune function, enhance mind-body connection. Access the subconscious mind, altered states of consciousness, guidance from your higher-self, memory recollection, reintegrate fragmented pieces of your wounded inner child, and more the inner exploration is unbound.

I warmly invite you join us in this evening of deep healing and discovery.

This Event Entails:

•Opening ceremony with body check-in

•Introduction to what Somatic Breathwork is and is used for

•Somatic Breathwork session  

•Integration time with sound healing and optional sharing


Somatic Breathwork can be a very intense experience on multiple levels, emotional,  mental, physical and spiritual level, a powerful tool to assist in deeper self connection,  and healing. Come with an open and curious mind.


$45 + hst per person ($50.85)

2hr event

*Full payment required at time of sign-up in order to reserve your spot.


Send e-transfer to:

What To Expect:

We will be seated and lying with yoga mat, blanket, and pillows on the floor for this event,  .


Things To Bring:

•Yoga mat (double up for comfort)


•Pillow (2, one for under head and under knees)

•Eye covering

•Personal drinking water

•Journal & pen (optional)




Anyone who cannot be on the floor for prolonged periods can bring a zero gravity chair with them, but please check with me first too make sure there is enough floor space available.



This Somatic Breathwork is not recommended for anyone who is:


•Has any breathing problems

•Has had recent surgeries that are still healing.  


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