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Regular Massage

This is your standard massage, the image we have when we think of therapeutic massage, Swedish style, regulated by the Ontario Healthcare Act, typical massage. However with me this massage can range greatly in respect to depth and pressure, but is lighter than my Deep tissue version. I naturally tend to have a heavy hand so I ask my clients to express open communication with me in order to keep the massage within their comfort level. This massage is a combination of relaxation techniques and advanced deeper tissue techniques to build a balanced and effective massage. You get to choose what pressure is best for you, a gentler relaxing touch or a bit deeper to target those known and unknown knots. I strive to educate each client on my table of the anatomy and mechanics of their current issue and how they can make healthy adjustments to their daily activities to improve their condition. I also per-scribe home-care recommendations to aid in the clients healing process, as the biggest component of the healing process is determined by what the client does off the massage table. Therapist and client working together in a healing collaboration is key for lasting success.

Again you will leave my healing space feeling satisfied with your purchase, getting your money's worth, and feeling the world has been lifted off of your shoulders, maybe even like you're floating a little. Definitely an investment in yourself well spent.

Regular Massage Fees

30 min $65 plus HST

60 min. $95 plus HST

90 min. $140 plus HST


90 min. options must be booked with me directly as my online calendar defaults to 60 min. time slots.


For more massage styles and options available head to the Registered Massage Therapy tab for a list and links.


30 min. options are available directly through me only, spaces are limited.

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