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Womb Healing Circles


A deeply nourishing healing experience. Birthing a renewed sense of self, and tapping into your innate creation power.

Blending Southern and Northern Shamanic practice to forge a delightful and powerful healing medicine.

In circle we invoke the spirits of the 4 directions, the spirits of Heaven and Earth, to guide and protect you on your healing journey, flowing through guided meditation and breath work, tuning into universal energy healing and using guided palpation techniques as you go through an energetic birthing process. This birthing process is an energetic, emotion, and physical ritual that assists with releasing pain, grief, self doubt, overwhelm, trauma, stress, low energy, lack of self confidence and creation power, repairing, and renewing tissues on a cellular, emotional and energetic level.

Integrating the work done within the womb healing component with the powerful healing medicine of Sound Therapy, using sound frequencies from crystal singing bowls to further access deeper subconscious regions of the brain promoting neural reprogramming, and integrated the embodiment of the newly activated healthier, empowered energies you have evoked within your body.

The evenings flow:

•Opening Cacao ceremony

•Womb Healing Medicine Journey

•Sound Bath Integration



$40 +hst = $45.20  per person

*Full payment required at time of booking to reserve your spot.

e-transfers to:


Things to bring:
thick yoga mat
pillow, cushion, bolster
eye cover
personal drinking water
journal and pen (optional)

*Note: We will be on the floor on our yoga mats.*


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