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​Womb Healing

 This is a powerful time in our herstory. As the feminine collective rise we are being called to shed so much of the old outdated ways that have become very toxic to women,  to humanity and to all life on Earth, our Mother.

The womb is our creation center, we literally create life on Earth within our wombs, it is also our power center of emotions, feelings, and sensuality.

Layers of wounding have been stored in our wombs energetically and cellularly due to a multitude of traumas experienced within this lifetime, within ancestral lineages, as well as from past lifetimes. It is important for the clearing and healing of our womb space so that we may be freed to bring forth new high vibrational creations into our personal realities and into the world at large.

A womb healing includes a womb clearing, a womb activation and reprogramming. Wearing comfortable clothing you will be in a supported and comfortable setting, cocooned in a birthing nest of cushions and blankets, soft lighting, the burning of cleansing herbs and sacred wood, you are led into a grounding meditation, the setting of a sacred circle that will provide a pure and protected vessel for this healing process. The process will include me placing my hands on your lower belly to palpate your womb to find the areas that are holding blockages and or trauma, I will guide you through breathing, birthing/releasing process, and mantra. Activations may be accompanied with chimes, crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles etc. We will end the ceremony with closing the sacred circle. 

This process can be experienced by each individual differently, for example: you may have an emotional release, you may feel empowered and energized, you may feel sleepy and want to rest. Remain open and you will receive exactly what you need in that moment. 

"When the womb is healed and reconnected to the heart, Sacred Woman will stand in her power"

~ Christine Page ~

Womb Healing


60 min. - $100 plus HST



Online Booking Available


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Woman you are far more than just someone who walks on the Earth, you are a soul, a divine being.

 An all-powerful creator. Within you dwells the infinite wisdom of the ages and the holy creative force of the wild feminine you are sacred, accept nothing else but the divine..

~ Shikoba ~

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